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Wrapped around your finger

For my writer/gamer friends: ever gotten a crush on one of your characters? I have more often than I can probably remember. Heard a song on the radio that was on the soundtrack I made for my Scorpion Clan Deceiver, and it made me smile to think of him. I have a Fey-pact Warlock now who makes my heart flutter. Both of those characters are so bishonen. Fictional character crushes, either on one of my own invention or someone else's, are the best. You don't get hurt, and they leave you with happy memories.

Unlike real-life entanglements. Dreamed of the big Ex last night, sometimes referred to here as Voldemort. I hate that. I wonder what he represents in my psyche. In this particular dream, I was trying to get ready to go to my high school reunion. Also I was sharing a hotel room with my boss. Hmm, maybe the combination of work and reunion in this dream says something about my vulnerability and anxiety right now, which prompts the appearance of V.

WW proceeding acceptably. Zipped some tall boots all the way up over my calves easily this morning! Doctor was pleased with my weight loss. He asked me how I manage to work full-time, go to school and manage two small children while dealing with my fibro. I responded,"By doing none of them particularly well."


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